I take great care and pride in my work hand making every single rack I sell. I think its not only important that your rack is very well made and performs perfectly but it must look good too. I've take great care with my design taking key features from the Cyrus equipment and incorporating it into the rack so there is a perfect harmony between the two.

Unlike a lot of modern equipment racks which are simply bolted or stacked together all of my racks are handmade using traditional methods, the racks are constructed using hand cut mortice and tenon joints to give an extremely strong and, more importantly, very rigid one-piece unit.

This one piece rigid construction is the perfect location for your Cyrus components. However, the technical advantage of my racks are further enhanced by the use of isolation pads on every level, these are actually part of the rack and not something simply stuck on to it.

These isolators have a specific Shore rating which helps greatly to reduce any surrounding vibration transferring to the equipment by decoupling your Cyrus units from the rack itself. The racks also come with removable spiked feet giving the racks a two tier isolation benefit.

So, my racks not only look top class, they also provide a safe, and beneficial home for your Cyrus Audio equipment.

The finish on my racks is applied by a very skilled polisher who applies a very durable and maintenance free finish to your rack. Its worth noting the level of work involved in the finish too. When we use the antique finish the rack is first stained and shaded by hand then a clear coat applied on top before hand buffing the finish. With the single colour finishes again the timber is stained first then either a black or white lacquer goes on top.

This is a labour intensive process but gives a far superior finish with a much greater depth of colour than others who simply spray a one coat colour straight onto the timber.